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VIBROCHEK™ is a quality product from PROACTIVE , a non invasive medical equipment to detect neuropathy in human beings. Neuropathy, a medical condition that affects nerves impairing sensation, movement and functioning of glands or organs in the human body.

PROACTIVE manufactures Vibrochek™ , a diversified range of Digital Biothesiometer, an indispensable tool to detect sub clinical neuropathy in children and adolescents. Vibrochek™ is also used in effective research and study of highly complicated neurological conditions.

Vibrochek™ , as an effective instrument to measure neuropathy works like an electronic tuning fork with a vibratory force which can be progressively amplified till the magnitude of the vibratory sensation is detected in a human body. Conversely, the same vibratory force can be curtailed till the time the vibrations in the human body are no more detectable. The effective working of the Vibrochek™ in matching the vibratory sensations of the human body helps to accurately detect the neurological changes. Our state of art neuropathy equipment sails with great design, incredible features and technically advanced electronic configurations.

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    Vibrochek™ is a non-invasive tool for detection of neuropathy. It is essentially an "electronic tuning fork" whose vibration strength...

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